Feasibility Analysis

1.What function do you want to achieve?

2.Does the program have congenital defects?

3.How to overcome the defect and achieve the desired function?

Optimal Sensor Selection

1.Choose products that are triggered by the South Pole magnetic field, by the the North Pole magnetic field, or by the North and South magnetic fields?

2.What type of package is suitable for the sensor at the location?

Magnetic Circuit Design Related to Structure

1.Is the magnetic circuit structure design reasonable?

2.Does the magnetic field strength meet the sensor requirements? Does the magnetic field of the left and right earphones interfere with each other? Does the adsorption magnet affect the sensor work?

Mass Production Magnetic Circuit Yield Optimization

1.Analyze the problem of defective magnetic circuit products, whether it is the magnet work difference or the assembly work difference, and guide the direction of rectification.


CONNTEK is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of sensor chips. Founded in 2016, CONNTEK is committed to becoming an industry leader in sensor signal chains and IoT chips. The core technical team graduated from well-known universities such as Tsinghua and TU Delft, and has work experience in famous semiconductor companies such as NXP/Marvell/Qualcomm. The product performance is first-class and has been recognized by many well-known industrial and consumer brands.


Conntek Microelectronics strictly implements the ISO quality management system standard requirements. The company has obtained the ISO 9001 certification. Conntek materials/products are fully compliant with RoHS directive ((EU)2015/863) REACH (No. 1907/2006).