Who we are
CONNTEK is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of sensor chips. Founded in 2016, CONNTEK is committed to becoming an industry leader in sensor signal chains and IoT chips. The core technical team graduated from well-known universities such as Tsinghua and TU Delft, and has work experience in famous semiconductor companies such as NXP/Marvell/Qualcomm. The product performance is first-class and has been recognized by many well-known industrial and consumer brands.
What we do
CONNTEK Microelectronics is deeply engaged in consumer electronics, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, smart home and new energy vehicles and other fields. The company has rich IP accumulation and unique patent technology portfolio in the fields of MEMS, Hall magnetic sensors, magnetoresistive sensors, high-precision mixed-signal chain processing, high-precision sensor calibration, IoT ultra-low power RF chips, etc. The products can meet the requirements of Hall magnetic sensors, AMR/GMR/TMR magnetic sensors, chip-level temperature sensors, MEMS pressure sensors, airflow sensors, thermopile temperature sensors, magnetic current sensors, capacitive sensors, zero-drift operational amplifiers, high-speed and high-precision AD /DA, sensor signal SoC for IoT applications.
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Core Advantage

The company can provide one-stop sensor product design services, with rich industry application experience and professional service teams. Application services have been extended to chip selection design, magnetic field simulation, thermal simulation, structural pressure simulation, sensor module structure design, etc., which can provide customers with one-stop service and greatly reduce the cost and time of product introduction.